We looked and looked and looked,

and didn't find a World Cyanotype Day,

so TA-DAAAAAAA, here it is, just for you.

They said we had to pick a day since it says, "World Cyanotype Day,"

so the day we've chosen is Saturday, September 19, 2015.

That made them happy.

But what we're going to do

and what we HOPE you will do is

make cyanotypes all month long.

Yes, all during the month of September.

And not just any old cyanotype,

because that's sooooooo normal ...

and who wants to be sooooooo normal?

We're going to be making cyanotype prayer flags.

The above are Tibetan prayer flags (info here)

and yours may look something like them

except yours will be blue, probably,

and they'll contain your prayers.

Or wishes. Or thoughts. Or thank yous. Or art.

So cyanotypes all month long,

then at the end of the month, tie them together so they make a strand of prayer flags

then go drape the strand in a great place.

Maybe from a tree limb,

or from your porch railing,

so they can blow and swing and sing in the breeze and deliver your prayers.

Or wishes. Or thoughts. Or thank yous. Or art.

Then the last thing to do is make a photograph of your prayer flag strand,

there where it is hanging and blowing and swinging and singing.

And share your photograph on Instagram with the hashtag,


Please note, WWCD has two Ws.

We would like to know,

1 -- where you live,

2 -- how many flags are in your prayer flag strand, and

3 -- how long the strand is.

Because we love arithmetic and it's fun to add these things up.

And don't forget


Please note: WWCD has two Ws.

cyanotype prayer flags by Laura Corley-Burlton, shootapalooza

And while you're at it,

come join our facebook group.

World Wide Cyanotype Day 2015





The kind people at Blueprints on Fabric, (here) are our friends.

They have been dipping and dunking cyanotype material as fast as they can,

in eager anticipation of your order.

That's where we're getting all our cyanotype materials.

On Saturday, September 19th, we'll all be in Johnson City, Texas,


The World's Largest Cyanotype.

Our producing partner is

The Hill Country Science Mill, (here.)

The World's Largest Cyanotype

Aline Smithson and her crew at LENSCRATCH have been kind supporters of our efforts.

B, the wonder dog says, "Thank you, LENSCRATCH!"





Rfotofolio @ Art Intersection


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interviews with gallery directors, photographers, museum curators and collectors of the South

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along with articles and galleries of 9 to 12 featured artists.

From Miami to Washington, DALLAS to Savannah, we've got you covered.

If you're going to be a world-wide hot-shot,

you need a world-wide headquarters,

and we are, so our WWHQ is

The A Smith Gallery (here) in Johnson City, Texas.


is also endorsed by

Alan Fitzgerald, Executive Director

Art Intersection

Gilbert, Arizona


The Texas Photographic Society

Amy Holmes George, President


World Wide Cyanotype Day


The World's Largest Cyanotype

have been brought to you by

the artists of shootapalooza

because we love doing things like this.

shootapalooza is uniquely positioned to build community well outside the bounds of our membership.

This inaugural project has the potential to create an international web of like-minded artists.

We begin with a handful, and hopefully end with a world-wide neighborhood.

questions? email us

The above photographs (except for the Tibetan prayer flags)

depict students from Professor Sonja Rieger's Beginning Photography class

making cyanotype prayer flags for

The University of Alabama, Birmingham's Department of Art and Art History

Prayer Flag Project,

Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014.

Photos by Jared Ragland