Join us as we celebrate WORLD CYANOTYPE DAY

on Saturday, September 24, 2016.

You will find lots of information by joining our facebook group, WORLD CYANOTYPE DAY 2016.

TA-DAAAAAAA, here it is, just for you.




The kind people at Blueprints on Fabric, (here) are our friends.

They have been dipping and dunking cyanotype material as fast as they can,

in eager anticipation of your order.


World Wide Cyanotype Day


The World's Largest Cyanotype

have been brought to you by

the artists of shootapalooza

because we love doing things like this.

shootapalooza is uniquely positioned to build community well outside the bounds of our membership.

This project has the potential to create an international web of like-minded artists.

We begin with a handful, and hopefully end with a world-wide neighborhood.

questions? email us